Bing-bang-boom. Keywords will never be the same again.

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There’s a lot of buzz about Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing. But is it that much different than Yahoo and Google? After only a short time, experts are beginning to see how Bing may affect analytics for companies tracking how their customers find them on the internet. In a recent Mediapost article Brian Cummins, product manager for search marketing at Coremetrics said, “preliminary data suggests that bounce rates on Web sites have declined from people originating on Bing.” This may be attributed to the way in which Bing serves up search queries. When you do a search on Bing, you don’t just get a list of websites. Bing is designed to serve up various kinds of content along with listings to help the user find what they are looking for more quickly. This means that the journey that once took three or four steps to get you where you want to go is now taking only one, only now the in-between steps aren’t being tracked. So this also means that the keywords that drive traffic from Bing are going to be different than the keywords driving traffic from Google. For now, it looks like Bing is bringing something new to the table. How significant these features will be, only time will tell.

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