Becoming Your Brand’s Storyteller

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As specialists in blog content management, we’re always thrilled when a high-profile exec praises the benefits of blogging for business. So when Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, the founder and CEO of WatchMojo, took to the pages of TechCrunch to sing the praises of CEO bloggers over the weekend, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. Karbasfrooshan brilliantly breaks down the reasons why executives should start blogging. Everything from the comical (it’ll get you out of your employees’ hair, he says) to the practical are covered here — yet it was his emphasis on storytelling that really got us excited.

Being able to tell your brand’s story effectively and entertainingly is one of the most powerful benefits of company blogging. Instead of having to guess who you are and what your company stands for, readers/consumers can figure you out in a few blog posts.

“The best cooks never stop cooking even when they open their restaurant,” Karbasfrooshan says. “Musicians are always jamming no matter what. Similarly, a storyteller doesn’t put the pen down because he’s in pursuit of profit, too. He finds a way to marry the two. If you enjoy writing and happen to be the CEO, then it’s a marriage made in heaven if you can balance your duties.”

The balance in question can be tricky, but with great planning like we talked about last week and maybe a helping hand, it’s certainly attainable. There, of course, is the fine line between telling your brand’s story and your own story. Unless your business is you, big parts of your personal story should stay out of the mix. Peppering your blog with real life tales from the office is one thing — but bludgeoning people over the head with your personal memoir is another.

“Sure, it’s nice to build your personal brand, but the focus ought to be on the company — 100 percent of the time,” Karbasfrooshan writes.

Regardless of what any slick SEO snake-oil salesman might tell you, no one can tell your brand’s tale better than you. You live your company’s story every day and you know what your followers want to hear. Being your brand’s voice through blogging is a creative and empowering position that lets you decide how your company’s story is told.

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