Baby, you make me feel like marketing.

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I just came across the freaky-deakiest viral video for Evian water. It’s a YouTube baby thriller that has garnered over 3 million views in a week. But this is no ordinary viral video shot on a mini cam in the basement of some kids house. It’s a slicker-than-slick special effects spot directed by Michael Gracey and Pete Commins of production company Partizan.  According to an Evian press release, the campaign is “Bursting with an infectious energy and love of life, the new ads portray lively, happy babies roller break-dancing to a remix of the hit Rapper’s Delight by hip-hop producer Dan the Automator, connecting consumers to their inner youth.” Wow, it sounds like they pilfered a creative brief to get that quote. The new campaign may be the future of viral video in that it costs big bucks,  has a multi-level marketing effort supporting it and a fresh new tagline. While Evian waxes on and on justifying the use of babies to exemplify youth, let’s be honest, everyone knows that using babies in a commercial is a kick-ass way to get a brand noticed. In fact, Super Bowl commercials are notoriously known as breeding grounds for baby entertainers. There are other things that work for branding as well: wrestling bikini babes, fat guys and monkeys are among the tried and true. But babies are a favorite around the world to be sure. Mix that up with professional content and excellent editing and you got yourself the potential to create the kind of buzz that reverberates all the way to the Himalayas.

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