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One area of the online world that is slowly becoming popular is the use of social media as a search option. The traditional search engines still have a major hold on general search and will do for quite a long time. However, users are starting to conduct searches from inside their favorite social media sites.

Twitter is an obvious example and so is Facebook. Other sites will also become popular as users realize the potential for returning accurate results. As a webmaster, are you optimizing your social media marketing for search from within those sites?

Blogging has been a popular communication tool for several years now. It’s becoming more powerful as more social media sites take direct feeds from blogs. Including your brand, product line or even business name in the occasional post title means that those posts will be returned in search results for any of those search terms.  Optimizing important search terms in this manner has a number of benefits for your business.

  • Search – your business is likely to appear in search results for relevant search terms
  • Exposure – online users don’t like the ‘push’ style of marketing. Having your brand, product or business in the occasional blog post for example looks natural and not ‘pushy’. At the same time, you are exposing that information to other users, users who will begin to associate those terms with you;
  • SEO – what the level of SEO benefits from social media marketing is disputable. What is not in dispute is that search engines do use social media to help find new sources of information and to help provide some authority to web pages. With that in mind, optimizing your brand, product or business will bring with it some SEO benefits.

Social media marketing is more about engagement rather than a full frontal assault. That doesn’t mean you can’t include information about your brand, your products or your business. Deliver this information using the right format and the right channels and it will actually be welcomed by many.

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