Are You A Twitter Marketing Master?

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Twitter has to be one of the fastest growing online entities seen in years. For many, it’s a waste of time. For others, an effective way to communicate. There are those who are learning how to use it as an effective marketing tool whilst others are struggling to understand what a Follow Friday, or a mention is. It is common for some companies to hire an in-house Twitterer to get the ball rolling. Others are still waiting on the sidelines to see if this social media thing will take off.  What, then, does Twitter mean to your business?

Online marketing has taken some interesting turns over the years. It is clear that ‘Joe Public’ wants to take part in communicating with brands and wants that communication to be clear and two-way. Twitter, and to a lesser extent Facebook, has been able to provide that two-way communication. Twitter has been used quite successfully by some businesses to engage in not just two-way, but multi-way communications as well.

Other businesses have utilized Twitter as purely an announcement tool. There is no two-way communication – it’s all one way and that one way is coming from the business to the public, much like old school marketing works (newspaper ads, tv commercials, billboards, etc.)  For many businesses this has been very effective. But these one-way types of communication are missing an opportunity to engage their customers.

The one thing that has been missing for many businesses is the personal touch. They have several people involved with the business Tweeting under the one business name. That could be about to change and hopefully for the better. Twitter has just announced a beta trial of what is effectively multi-users for the one account. This means that each individual could log in and send a Tweet – the difference being that their Twitter name will appear as a byline alongside the company or brand Twitter name. It’s a positive move which hopefully will move beyond beta to a more permanent feature.

In the meantime, Twitter continues to grow. Some users are growing with it while others are being still waiting on the sidelines. Which are you? Are you struggling to understand how to command Twitter and use it to market your business? Or are you a Twitter master of the universe?


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