Anybody Can Be a Viral Blogging Sensation. Even a Nine-year-old.

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You might think that we here at Brandsplat spend all of our time ghostwriting and blogging for business and are left jaded and uninspired at the end of the day. But you’d be wrong! Every so often, a story about blogging comes along that truly puts a smile on our faces and reminds us how powerful and effective blogging really is. So thank you, Martha Payne, for being the most recent story.

Martha Payne is a nine-year-old from Scotland who started a little blog in the beginning of May. NeverSeconds chronicles Payne’s daily lunches and life at her primary school. The blog was born after Payne grew frustrated with the size and quality of the lunches served in her cafeteria. Each blog post features a picture of the day’s lunch and its ranking on her Food-o-meter. Payne lists each entrée’s number of mouthfuls, courses and pieces of hair found (mercifully zero so far).

Her honest critique of school lunches has attracted worldwide media attention and more than one million views. Just by blogging about what she saw and experienced, Payne tapped into the hot global topic of school lunches and childhood nutrition. Celebrity chef and school lunch advocate Jamie Oliver congratulated Payne, the BBC interviewed her and local school administrators put school lunches at the top of their agendas. All of this in under a month! What’s more is that Payne has fans from all over the world. Kids from Spokane to Taiwan send her photos of their lunches. Payne, like any great blogger, has a story that audiences can relate to and identify with.

Payne’s readership and instant success are not the norm, as most grumpy custom content specialists will tell you. It usually takes time and planning and lots of content (things we can help you with, by the way). But the thing is you’ll never know if your blog will be a sensation until you actually create it! Writing about the business you’re passionate about might not get you Payne-sized publicity, but you won’t know until you try.

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