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“Nobody likes a know-it-all” is what we’ve always been told. But given our collective fascination for how-to online videos, we secretly must love self-appointed experts. In fact, one of the most Googled combinations of words is “how to”¦.” From learning how to cook the perfect turkey to how to remove pesky stains on a coffee cup, online visitors are always looking for answers. Not only are instructional videos garnering their own websites, they also are helping aspiring experts build brands and gain lucrative business deals just by sharing what they know with curious viewers. recently put the spotlight on Kimberly Clayton Blaine, a.k.a. the Go-To Mom. The licensed parenting therapist took her business to the next level by answering the questions of moms she met on the playground in a series of online videos. Blaine’s practice soon became known on a national level and partnerships with Sony and Yahoo! followed. Her new book, The Go-To Mom’s Parents’ Guide to Emotion Coaching Young Children is set to hit stores next month. Blaine’s business model is a simple one that provides answers while establishing her as an expert in her field.

In cases like Michelle Phan, sometimes showing views how to do something can literally create a career. With 32 million and growing viewers on YouTube, Phan is the site’s No. 1 beauty guru. The Vietnamese- American make-up artist has been profiled by Forbes, scored an exclusive deal with Lancôme and become a New York fashion week artist all by the age of 23. Wannabe how-to videographers can learn a lot about the art of going viral from Phan. Her approachability and ease are inviting, while her creativity inspire beauty amateurs to go ahead and try this at home.

Blaine and Phan are not exceptions to the rules of online how-to video success. Any business of any size can help answer the questions of knowledge seekers with creative videos and shrewd social media integration.

Now it’s your turn to tell us “how-to.” Readers, what videos do you love to learn from? And if you need something to watch, tune into the Brandsplat video report every week right here!

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