A Viral Vacuum Ad That Doesn’t Suck

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Many people get paid many millions to analyze, deconstruct and inspect viral ads and videos all in the name of online marketing. We, sadly, are not those people — but having produced video content and campaigns of our own, we’d like to think of ourselves as amateur authorities in viral video analysis. So when a vacuum cleaner video raked in 1.6 million YouTube views in under a month, we were dying to pick it apart and understand why.

Australia’s LG vacuums may not be the go-to brand here in the States, but there’s no questioning the popularity of its latest online ad. Cleverly entitled “Fashion industry EXPOSED!”, the video starts with a photographer shooting a gorgeous blonde model in a bikini while what looks like an assistant swiftly moves a vacuum hose from behind the model. As the director yells cut, the vacuum handler pulls away the hose to reveal a lovely but plus-sized model.

So why do so many people like this ad? First the obvious: chick in a bikini. Never underestimate the T and A factor in advertising — and with viral this is doubly true. Hot chick-centric videos are always heat-seeking missiles that never fail to hit YouTube’s massive young male audience. The second reason folks seems to be responding to this ad is the funny surprise ending. The twist at the end is a trick even older than girls in bikinis and works just as well. Third, it’s short — just 30 seconds — meaning viewers can watch it multiple times. Although 30 seconds is standard for television spots, the average smash viral clip is over 1:30. So short clips that hit their mark in less time are bound to watched and re-watched. Lastly, the spot has gone viral thanks to good digital PR. Within less than a month, LG’s ad has been featured on dozens and dozens of blogs, meaning more interest and, you guessed it, more views.

So let’s turn the analysis over to you: Why is this goofy vacuum ad such a hit? Give us the what for in the comments section below!

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