A Pep Talk for your Company Blog

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I think it’s time for a bloggervention. Your company’s blog gets zero hits, illicits little response and seems to collect dust as it sits there online just waiting for readers to show up. The countless articles that say youngsters don’t blog anymore don’t exactly help matters either. Moreover, some have pronounced the genre as dying, making your blog appear to be fighting an uphill battle.

Well, fear not. I for one say that blogging is far from dead and in fact I believe that it is picking up new steam thanks to social networking. Your company blog can gain readers and reinvent your brand. Just take a look at A Thousand Words, Kodak’s company blog. If anybody had to be shaking in their boots it had to be Kodak. The company could have shriveled up and died with the digital takeover since they primarily produced old school film and cameras. Yet they’ve found new life with new products and fresh marketing. A Thousand Words smartly shares photos and the experiences that picture takers love to share with one another while turning customers on to new products. It has a wistful and nostalgic feel that reminds consumers that photos capture the moments of our lives. It’s sentimental but smart and heartfelt. The company also features photo contests on the blog making it a promotional portal as well.

For further proof that company blogs can be tasty rather than dry, I submit Whole Foods’ Whole Story blog for further inspiration.The fresh blog tantalizes foodies with recipes, menu ideas, and product updates while remaining conversational. It avoids slipping into an Internet version of a newspaper insert by using the company’s language and signature style.  Plus, it has the look of a pricey food magazine which speaks right to their audience.

With company blogs much of the worry about how to promote it has been eliminated thanks to social media marketing. Since your biz already Twitters and updates their Facebook all day long, your blog can get the kick in the behind that it needs from these networks. Intertwine all of your digital advertising and the promotional aspect is easy.

So buck up, little company blog. Things aren’t so glum after all. With snappy content and smart marketing, you can actually be read and enjoyed by clients, employees, and blogaholics alike.

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