5 Things You Might Have Missed

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When it comes to memorable content marketing, it seems like every brand has amazing online video creation on the top of their wishlists. The popularity of viral marketing and branded videos is precisely why we’ve dedicated this week’s Five Things You Might Have Missed to a quintet of videos that might amuse, inspire and delight you!

1.) Say it with Dance: Tired of texting? Tongue tied when talking? The folks at Puma fragrances might have a solution. The Puma Dance Dictionary is an inventive form of communication which lets users select words and phrases that are translated into dance moves. After creating messages out of moves, users can then post these unique greetings on social media or in email. Still don’t get it into the groove? Don’t worry. The company has come up with a dance-filled video to explain how the whole thing works.

2.) Post it with a Purpose: Samsung not only cooked up an awesome reminder wall to make sure folks in Brazil wouldn’t forget about the new stores opening across the country, but also a cool video showing how this massive wall was made.

3.) The Dog Ate the Directions: For truly great viral videos, some would argue all you need is a cute animal and a funny concept. This ad for Google Chrome with a dog chewing up directions as the theme from Rawhide plays in the background would definitely support this theory. And so would the 5 million-some views.

4.) The Cat is Working Out: Not to be outdone, Temptations Cat Treats has come up with a truly silly and totally viral aerobics video for cats called Work it Kitty. If you think cats in legwarmers doing Jane Fonda moves is comic gold (and who doesn’t?), then this spot is a home run.

5.) Keeping it Real: Wrapping up our list of video genius you might have missed is the latest installment of Dove’s Real Beauty ads. This massive hit with over 54 million views is poignant, intelligent and memorable as it uses a sketch artist to illustrate how women describe themselves. The ad continues to prove how a positive message can be just as powerful as cute animals.

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