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Here’s a common scenario in the digital era: You’ve just whipped up your new business and you’ve got to get your name out there like yesterday. Only trouble is you don’t have the time to design a website and wait for people to find said website. Thankfully, we’re kind of masters at getting brands big and small found online in record time. Here now are ten tips for quick custom content that will put you on the map in no time!

1.) Like Pages at Lightspeed: While not everybody loves the ever-commercially-bent evolution look of Facebook pages, it can’t be argued that setting up a page for small businesses is faster than ever. We recently put together a Like page for a comedy group in less than 15 minutes and the Likes came rolling in immediately.

2.) Tumblr Those Photos: Got a visual business that needs to be seen rather than heard? Tumblr is fabulous for getting photos of what you do out there in a timely manner. No waiting to load or formating required, Tumblr blogs can serve up feasts for the eyes in mere moments. Here’s one we put together for a local frame shop in a few minutes that is currently getting re-blogged while showing what the company does best.

3.) Tout it Out Loud: Tout is the video status updating site that lets brands and individuals say it on camera. The fairly new platform is a hit with celebs, sports heroes and CEOs. Tout puts your face out there in minutes and is growing like crazy.

4.) Make a Mini-series: Instead of vomiting out a 3,000-word blog post that no one will ever read, how about chopping that sucker up and serving it in bite size portions that can be doled out over the course of several posts? A blog series is a great way to fill up a week’s worth of writing without having to search high and low for topics, saving you time and your readers from boredom in one fell swoop.

5.) Tweet and Repeat: Twitter is a super-fast way for a newbie brand to get its message out. Using 140 characters, new companies can say, “Hello! We’re here!” without using up a whole bunch of man hours. Also, Twitter’s excellent new search features make it easier than ever to find folks tweeting about the same things you are.

6.) Get On Google+: If you’re already on Google+, setting up a page takes minutes and the page in question gets the marketing moxie and search engine power of Google right behind it. I personally set up two a week ago and it took less than 30 minutes.

7.) Give ’em Something to Watch: Videos (only the ones which relate to your industry, of course) are great filler for an empty blog and website. Original videos take time to make, so until you get your film-making magic on, post pre-existing videos to your site that your followers will find interesting.

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