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Feeling stuck in your social media marketing? Is your Twitter campaign in a rut? Here are six rocking Twitter campaigns and accounts to help you get inspired.

1.) Levis Workshops: America’s favorite jean company keeps it fresh by mixing social media, social good, creativity and fashion. The brand sponsors artistic endeavors and presents online creativity workshops through videos and @levisworkshops keeps artsy types and jean lovers alike in the know of upcoming events.

2.) Radio Shack: This holdout in the old timey electronics store mass extinction is staying afloat thanks to warmly embracing social media. Radio Shack is a great example of Twitter as customer service tool. The brand announces deals and talks to shoppers all day long. Inspiring and easy to implement in our own businesses.

3.) Wrigley & Coachella: The gum-maker and the hippest rock festival on the planet hooked up this spring to drive folks to the sponsored YouTube live feed channel so people around the globe could be part of the festival without ever leaving their homes. Using Twitter, Wrigley notified followers of performers and festival surprises. The result? Over 4 million views and thousands of followers.

4.) X-Men: First Class: The summer superhero blockbuster speaks geek when it tweets and we applaud a movie company for finally engaging its audience in a language they understand. Hollywood has a lot of failures and successes when it comes to Twitter but the X-Men use their mutant Twitter powers to scare up marketing magic.

5.) Rachel Zoe: Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has been tweeting for years, but Miss Thing has recently begun calling on her tweeps to draw attention to her recently-launched fashion line. Zoe is on her way to becoming an empire, so her fun product placement-filled tweets are the kind of thing her following eats up with a Gucci spoon. Well done, Zoe.

6.) Joe Posnanski: Senior writer at Sports Illustrated, Posnanski covers the world of baseball with thoughtful and well written tweets. Conversational, funny and smart Posnanski takes tweets to sublime levels and we’re aspiring to be like him.

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