6 Essential Questions For Marketers To Ask SEO Pros

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In this second checklist in our two-part series, we cover the questions important to ask SEO professionals before hiring.

6.) What is it that you do, exactly? This simple yet crucial question will separate the snake oil salesmen from the real deal. If you’ve sat down with someone who can clearly explain to you what services they will provide and what to expect when you get the invoice, you’re in the presence of a winner. If they answer with a bunch of promises of huge success without really explaining how they’ll achieve said miracles, quickly show them the door.

5.) Could you show me some clients you’ve worked with? By asking to see their current list of clients and their websites, you’ll get a clear idea of what caliber of clients they’ve brought in. The clients should show growth and the SEO expert should be armed with numbers, facts and exact services they used. Feel free to ask for client references so you can get their feedback. Again, if the customers and their websites are suspicious or out of order, don’t be afraid to holler out “next!”

4.) Can you guarantee a top ranking on Google? We admit it. This is kind of a trick question, as nobody – and we do mean nobody – can make such a promise. Yet this question will serve as the ultimate BS detector. The best SEO pros will acknowledge this request and politely explain to you the techniques and tools they can use to improve your ranking while not promising you’ll become the next Amazon.

3.) What do you think about our website? Here’s a great getting-to-know-you question. Hopefully, your SEO expert has taken a long look at your company and come up with creative ideas spurned by tireless research. In addition to technical know-how, SEO ninjas should be armed with dozens of secret weapons designed to make the most out of search engine optimization for your business.

2.) What tools will you use? Does the hopeful rely on keywords? Do they favor article marketing? What tracking devices do they use? Finding out what is in their bag of tricks will ultimately help you decide if they are the right match for your business.

1.) Do you offer a variety of packages for me to choose from? This comes in at No. 1 for a couple of reasons. First off, if your SEO dude only offers one big, flashy pricey SEO package not tailored to your specific needs, he’s probably not going to work out. Secondly, a variety of properly-explained services to choose from means there’s most likely an SEO package tailored to fit even the tiniest of budgets.

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