5 Ways to Refresh Your Blog

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Everybody gets burned out from time to time. You’re allowed. You’re a human being. So we’ve come up with a list of things to keep you going if you run out of steam while writing that company blog.

1.) Google Reader to Go: Everybody relies on Google reader to help compile stories and blogs that help us get inspired to write. Not everybody does it with their mobile devices, but perhaps they should. The new(ish) updates to Google reader for Android make it easier than ever to stay informed even when we’re not in front of our laptops. This way, we have more time to mull certain stories in hopes that inspiration will strike.

2.) Take a Walk: Walking, as noted by doctors and writing gurus like Julia Cameron alike, is a surefire way to get unstuck if you’re writing. Step away from the damn computer and go outside. Your blog and the people in your life will thank you for it.

3.) Give Your Blog a Facelift: Maybe you’re just sick of looking at the thing. Maybe an old design no longer fits what you blog about. Either way, cool themes and new formats are easier than ever to implement for your blog. Head on over to BloggingExperiment.com to see all kinds of cool WordPress themes — many of which are free!

4.) Mix it Up! Always write at 10 a.m.? Then try writing at 1 p.m. Or try working at a library or coffee shop. Getting out of your routine will help you look at your blog differently. Readers immediately pick up on a stale, robotically-produced blog so doing it differently can only help your cause.

5.) Get Some Help: We’ve talked about guest bloggers before, but maybe your blog is beyond that. Maybe you need full-time content guidance. Seek out writers and editors that know your business and your language. And, hey! We just happen to know some amazing folks to help you out with that blog!

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