5 Things You Might Have Missed: Video Edition!

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It’s Friday… and, really, who actually wants to read something thought-provoking or analyze articles in-depth? Not us, that’s for sure! So we created a special all-awesome-video edition of five things you might have missed. Sit back and enjoy!

1.) Wearing Your Friends on Your Sleeve: We’re fairly confident you didn’t miss the Facebook tattoo story about a woman who allegedly had photos of her 152 friends tattooed on her arm. The whole thing was a big fat lie, and the tattoo in the video was a transfer that washes away in a few weeks. The compelling video, however (which you might have missed), proves that even a hoax can draw in millions of views on YouTube.

2.) The Beer Factory: This visually rad ad for Hahn Superdry is a step in the right direction for beer commercials. Hip and European with a tongue-in-cheek, masculine flair, the ad makes the list for being entertaining — something American beer ads haven’t been able to pull off lately.

3.) Listen to Your Cab Driver: TEDx came up with a smart way to have folks in Latin America listen to their idea-filled conferences: They invited taxi drivers in Buenos Aires to a conference then had the chatty cabbies spread the word as they picked up passengers. As usual, a TEDx video inspires us to watch, listen and learn.

4.) The Power of Clean Compels You: This parody of the Exorcist by Dirt Devil is flat-out the funniest thing we watched this week. You’re welcome.

5.) Don’t Try This at the Bar: Wild Turkey’s “Give ’em the Bird” campaign makes our list not because of creativity or genius but because flipping off a bartender has to be the most ridiculous and perhaps dangerous suggestion we’ve seen a brand make in a while. Yes, people of the service industry, who already feel abused and unappreciated, will just love being given the finger by tacky whisky-swilling singles.


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