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Another weekly round up shout out to web findings that are helpful, interesting or perhaps, like the great TLC once said, Crazy Sexy Cool.

1.) Square Biz for Small Biz – This straightforward guide for small businesses on how to successfully integrate Foursquare into their social media marketing plans is a great read and may have passed you by when it was published earlier this month. Covered here are the basics of Foursquare, brand preservation, fan and user reward programs and how to use Foursquare’s dashboards and business tools. Foursquare is an emerging social media channel and this article starts the conversation on how we all can tap into it. Thanks, Suite 101, for some good food for thought. One might even call it a “square meal.”

2.) Lemonade Stand 2.0 – Here’s a distinctly modern twist on an old summertime favorite: I stumbled upon the organization Alex’s Lemonade Stand that encourages people around the country to start lemonade stands to help raise money for childhood cancer. They’ve been around for more than a decade; now they’re using Twitter to spread the word about events and to interact with supporters. It’s an inspiring business model for non-profits using social media. From your church bake sale to your Girl Scout cookie showdown, blending social media with non-profit agendas provides endless possibilities.

3.) Alternative Outsourcing – This is a mind-opening piece on CNN.com about how certain companies are suing small, economically-challenged states like Arkansas for outsourcing labor and technical jobs. While not the usual techy fun that we devour here at Brandsplat, the piece throws down the gauntlet to inspire big and small companies alike to find answers in our own backyard.

4.) Make a Walrus Playdate – Now for something just goofy and fun, here’s this commercial! Vigorsol Cult picked up steam this week on a variety of sites and it’s worth posting here. Why? Because who doesn’t love a patty-cake playing, pimp-slapping walrus? I know I do.

5.) Brandsplat Report-Live From Big Sur! – Call it a little shameless cross promotion but this week’s edition is worth a look if you haven’t seen it. YouTube leanback, sometimes daily.com, and Asian reenactments are all to be found in this episode. Plus there’s pretty scenery and a cameo by some vocal birdies!

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