5 Things You Might Have Missed List- Soft Rock Edition

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It’s time once again to take five, kids. Sit back, turn on some relaxing tunes, and enjoy our weekly harvest of five things they may have sailed by you like a summer breeze.

1.) Lori Culwell on Writers & Social Media: Here’s a must-read for writers who feel slightly trampled by new media and social media. Culwell uses the latest post on her HuffPo blog to help writers embrace social media by putting PR back in their own hands. Culwell tells timid author types to get their hands dirty with social media even when the publishing biz appears to be all out of love.

2.) Tag Your Tune: We tweeted about this earlier, but this new app from Fuse TV harkens back to the old-timey request and dedication love song shows of radio. FB users are invited to use Tag Your Tune to pick from a rotating list of 30 videos every week with a personalized message to a loved one. Aww. Karen Sharp would approve.

3.) Twix Gives Ya A Moment: Cleverly capitalizing on its “Need A Moment?” campaign, Twix has taken to Facebook to give chocolate lovers a moment. With a fun little feature on its Facebook page called Twix Knows, users can get “advice” from Twix on things they need a break from, like their relationship, school or texting. Skewed to the young candy-munching FB crowd, Twix dials in social media to perfection.

4.) Five More Minutes Of YouTube Radness: YouTube announced a new 15-minute video limit, allowing for even more procrastination. Yippee! And being YouTube, they have a “15 Minutes of Fame” contest to promote the feature, giving users a chance to create videos to propel them to temporary stardom by telling the world about themselves (in 15 minutes, of course).

5.) Ad Love: Maybe all these mushy-syrupy feelings stem from yesterday’s news that media companies and small business are bouncing back thanks to the recent recovery in the ad biz. It’s a little premature to roll out the Clinton era spending of yesteryear, but the news sure beats the downer mood of the last two years. More money spent on marketing is news we welcome with open arms.

So that’s what made our list, but what things from this week would you need if you were caught between the moon and New York City? Share the love in the comments below.

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