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Whew! What a week, huh? It’s been a whirlwind of wacky advertising, mysterious packages of gum and bizarre media moves. With all of this hubbub, you’d think we would be too tired to seek out any further web and marketing goodies, right? Well, you would be wrong. We managed to find another 5 things you might have missed. We do it because we care.

1.) Tip-Ex Lets You Rewrite Their Ad: Courtesy of I Believe in Advertising (one of the best ad blogs on the planet, if you ask us), Tip-Ex’s new interactive ad puts the viewer in the center of the action by choosing whether a hunter shoots a bear. Users get to re-write the outcome and watch as the bear and hunter play out their choice on YouTube. But what if your ending doesn’t fit with Tip-Ex? There’s a custom error message that is just as hilarious and clever as the rest of the ad. It’s the top pick of the week because it takes our love for comedy and viral video and wisely integrates the product being sold. Also, it doubles as an awesome at work time killer. Or so we hear.

2.) Riding Virgin America & Loopt’s Taco Truck: This promotion is so genius yet so simple: Loopt users could check in at LAX or SFO or at a variety of taco trucks around town and receive two-for-one tickets to Mexico on Virgin America. And tons of people responded. It’s the kind of geo-location promotion we knew was coming and we’re happy to see people responding in droves.

3.) Social Media’s Hits And Myths: Oh My Gov! ran a week-long series of debunking social media myths. It’s a fascinating read even for marketing types who think they know it all. Plus it’s another great series from an always though-provoking blog worthy of a daily once-over.

4.) Lingerie To Di For: Stick this one in your WTF file: China has had a successful line of underwear named Diana for quite some time, but it made news because the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death was this week. A tasteless way to remember “The People’s Princess” or advertising camp at its finest? You make the call.

5.) Pepsi Refresh Serves Another Round: The already awesome Pepsi Refresh Project, which gives millions to causes championed via social media, increased its donations for the month of September to $2.6 million. Pepsi’s good deeds also are great marketing and branding from a company who has really rocked social media lately.

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