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The InterWeb has been overloaded this week with news about new Droids hitting the stores, weird lawsuits and celebrity drama. So we at Brandsplat have scooped up some little tasty tidbits you may have missed. Bon appetite!

1.) Sipping On Miso: Blending together our love of entertainment and our growing obsession with check in-based social media, Miso is a ground-breaking new site that aims to please. Launching big time with a promotion with the cable hit Bridezillas, Miso fans get rewarded with badges while watching the show live. Miso encourages users of the iPhone, iPad and the web to check in with their fav TV programs. It’s a multimedia model that bridges the gap between traditional TV and social media, and it’s just brimming over with smart marketing possibilities.

2.) Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone: This piece ran online at The New York Times earlier this week and is worth the read. The article profiles Theresa Daytner, a multi-business owner who lives by the “it doesn’t hurt to ask” motto. Her success and go get ’em spirit are a call to action for markets and small business owners to step out of their comfort zone.

3.) Facebook Shines as a Powerful PR Tool Once Again: Facebook has spent the summer nipping naysayers in the bud for brands and personalities that have come under fire. The latest Facebook PR prattle came from Desperate Housewives actress Terri Hatcher, who showed her wonderfully wrinkly face to disprove the theory that all the women from Wisteria Lane are Botoxed up old hags. The tabloids are calling it courageous but TV watchers know that Housewives needs all the PR it can get right now. Hatcher has taken matters into her own hands on Facebook and instantly made headlines. Kudos.

4.) Korean Pizza Hut Ad Makes Ya Wanna Boogie: We tweeted about it last week, but for sheer enjoyment this Korean ad for Pizza Hut deserves another look. Who knew stuffed crust pizza could inspire such choreography? Plus, the ad teaches pizza lovers how to do the same moves!

5.) Using Fall For Newsletter Re-Launches: With the dog-days of summer winding down, why not use the upcoming autumn season to re-invent your newsletter? We’ve been inspired by the spiffy new e-mail newsletters published by Amazon and Sephora, so we think a great fall marketing project is to spruce up your e-mail newsletters. New content, new graphics, new giveaways. Sky’s the limit!

Let’s hear about five of favorite fancies in the comment section below.

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