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Here’s your weekly dose of recent web findings that could have slid under your radar. From burrito superheroes to SEO articles, we found some shiny Internet gems worth taking a look at.

1.) Taco Bell’s Super Delicious Ingredient Force: Attention, all you 1970s kids who secretly hoped you could be one of the Super Friends! Taco Bell’s new digitally-animated campaign is a home run of throwback humor. Just in time for Comic-Con, The Super Delicious Ingredient Force battles cheap burgers and evil French fries. Promoted on Facebook and YouTube, The Force even has its own site where you can get to know heroes like Chicken Woman and Commander Seasoned Beef. Taco Bell deserves props for creating a retro-feeling campaign that really utilizes digital media.

2.) 15 Ways To Pimp Your Design Portfolios: Vandelay Design gathered up a killer must-have list of resources for web and graphic designers. Less of a to-do list and more of a call to action, the article is a must for the many designers battling the competitive job market.

3.) Jason Fell on Social Media: Foliomag.com ran a great blog about using social media for more than just grabbing traffic. Written by Jason Fell the article gets to the heart of employing social media marketing for profit while teaching marketers to engage with their clients.

4.) SEO Chicks: This is, hands-down, the best and sharpest-written blog about search engine marketing. The chicks avoid blogs that blather on about metrics. Instead, the gals offer blogs that are solution-based while being funny, edgy and informative. Especially great this week is Sarah Caring’s blog about what social media can learn from traditional marketing.

5.) Electronic Reader Fever: As we discussed here on Tuesday, Amazon’s Kindle hit the big-time with massive news that Kindle hardcovers were for the first time outselling regular books at Amazon.com. Now everybody has something to say about the future of publishing. This piece at HuffPo is thought-provoking, although a tad Chicken Littleish for my taste. Still, it is listworthy because it covers all the bases of a conversation that we will undoubtedly hear for months to come.

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