5 Things You Might Have Missed — Blogging Edition!

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We love blogging. We’ve seen the power of good blogs put companies on the map and we write blogs for businesses all the time. All of this blog love got us thinking: Why don’t we make a 5 Things You Might Have Missed List devoted to blogging? And so we did!

1.) The Return of the Blogging Teacher: This story tops our list not just because we think calling your own students “rude, disengaged, lazy whiners” in a blog is hilarious, but because the power of blogging and how it can come back to bite us has never been more beautifully illustrated.

2.) Emily Henderson Designs Blogging Gold: The winner of HGTV’s Design Star has a great design blog that perfectly preaches the design diva’s witty and wry sensibility. But Henderson makes our list for her video blog recaps of the current season of the show that put her on the map. Funny and approachable, Henderson blogs and vlogs as beautifully as she designs.

3.) Nuts About Southwest: So what if the Southwest airlines is so decidedly no-frills that it is sometimes referred to as “Greyhound of the Skies?” The company has a great blog that laughs with its passengers while giving all kinds of behind-the-airline type of info. Southwest is a great example of how blogging can expand our brands and keep us talking with our customers.

4.) Fill Up That Company Tumblr: We’ve yammered about the genius of Tumblr on these pages before but now we think you should listen to us. Big companies like MAC Cosmetics have taken to using the site for company blogging for the same reasons you should; it’s easy, it looks fabulous and it’s free.

5.) Oh Pioneers! Last but certainly not least, hit food and lifestyle blog Pioneer Woman makes our list — not for being new (it started in 2006) but for inspiring us to think big with our blogs. Author Ree Drummond started out blogging about her life on a farm and is now set to launch her own Food Network show this month. Couple that with a bestselling cookbook and we’re convinced that blogs can lead to very big things, indeed.


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