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It may take two to make a thing go right. And eight may, in fact, be enough. But when it comes to online marketing stories, social media tidbits and branding oddities, five seems to be the perfect number. So here now is our weekly list of five things you might have missed.

1.) Kenneth Cole Commits Tweason: Undoubtedly one of the biggest Twitter faux pas of all times, this “d’oh!” moment makes our list as a gentle remind to use a little brains and sensitivity before we tweet. The brand stupidly tweeted “Millions in uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online…” Seriously? With good reason, the shoe and fashion designer has come under fire and now faces an international boycott. Thanks, KC, for demonstrating how costly be an idiotic tweet can really be.

2.) An App That Saves Our Stomachs: The DontEat.At app is a genius creation that links Foursquare check-ins to New York City Health Department scores. Created by NYU student Max Stoller for the NYC BigApps competition, the app is a genius creation that aims to help foodies avoid bad meals at dirty places. We hope this app goes global – or at least comes to Los Angeles.

3.) Reach Out & Touch Starbucks: This cool interactive touchscreen window display is getting cold passersby to engage with an interactive advertisement and that truly stops foot traffic. Pretty impressive, seeing as the displays are only being tested in very chilly stores in Toronto and Vancouver.

4.) Mr. Sunshine on Facebook: It remains to be seen whether ABC’s new sitcom, Mr. Sunshine, is any good – but the network’s social media campaign for the show is a home run. The Mr. Sunshine page on Facebook, which has more than 22,000 fans, features funny video clips that showcase star Matthew Perry’s comedic chops while giving TV fans a first look at the show. Since May of last year, the page has been communicating with television watchers and encouraging a conversation, like when they called upon FB users to help pick the show’s promo posters in December.

5.) Brandsplat on Facebook: Okay, so this is a little shameless self-promotion, but you should like the new and improving everyday Brandsplat Facebook page. We’re packing the thing with fresh content, talking back to our friends and generally having a great time. And while we’re self-promoting, you do know we handle social media for busy folks like yourself so you don’t have to, right?

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