5 Things You Might Have Missed

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It is Friday – which means little or nothing to freelancers, workaholics or unemployed creatives. But around these parts, Friday means it’s time to share with you 5 things you might have missed. So read ’em and weep!

1. PepsiCo Goes Fossil Fuel Free in U.K.: Okay, sure”¦ it’s not happening right away and it’s not happening in the United States, but we’re surprised this wasn’t a bigger story. By pledging to become a “zero impact brand” by 2023, Pepsi is clearly not only responding to consumers who have environmental concerns but changing the way the soda pop game is played worldwide. The effort has already been criticized as greenwashing and others wonder if the company will actually follow through. Nevertheless, it’s an ambitious move and one we think more companies will be making to keep their brands relevant in these hyper-aware times.

2. LivingSocial Rocks Amazon Deal: You probably didn’t miss this one, but did you pay attention? 1.4 million Amazon vouchers were sold this week on LivingSocial, beating out Groupon’s record-breaking Gap deal. The moral of the story? Social media and online marketing strategies for retail, dining or entertainment clients have to now include online discount websites.

3. NPR is Well Liked on Facebook: For the often mocked and playfully teased National Public Radio to achieve mega-Facebook status is something of a miraculous feat. NPR has 1.4 million fans who talk and relate to the network’s top news stories – something no other news outlet has been able to pull off. NPR has hit social media and digital marketing hard over the last three years and it’s paid off”¦ to the tune of a staggering 4.5 million pageviews a month.

4. Making Headlines: When it comes to killer content, you have to have a great headline. This copyblogger.com series reminded us of how essential reader-grabbing headlines actually are. According to the site, 8 out of 10 readers will read headlines but only 2 will read the rest of the post. In addition to reading the whole series, we’ve added headlines to our list of things to improve in 2011.

5. Inside the VW Academy: Volkswagen has created a series of online videos that give viewers an inside look at the company’s latest models. Yawn, right? Not so fast. What makes these videos list worthy is the appearance of SNL’s Bill Hader and the witty writing.

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