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Just like a beloved old friend or a rash you can’t get rid of, Brandsplat’s weekly list of five things you might have missed is back! Here now are a quintet of items, videos and articles from this week that may have passed you by.

  1. Corporate-sponsored Creativity: This excellent post at Gods of Advertising turned the spotlight on Google Labs. Google Labs is the given name for when the creative staff at Google gets together one day a week to create whatever they want. That’s right – the big time search engine knows what most companies fail to understand: If you give employees the chance to actually be creative instead of just talking about it, new innovations are bound to reveal themselves.
  2. The Most Amazing Press Release Ever: In a week packed with stressful moments, this press release via Tech Crunch is a ray of sunshine. It intentionally mocks the silliness of PR and unintentionally made us realize how dated traditional press releases have become.
  3. The Big News That Wasn’t: Everybody yammered on and on about how Verizon carrying the iPhone was going to change everything. But in actuality, as pointed out by Andy Pilgrim’s Marketing Blog, the iPhone shuffle will barely affect marketers. Sure, more people not wanting to enter an abusive relationship with AT&T will jump at the chance for a Verizon iPhone. But in the end, the “story” was just a giant, overhyped non-story – as well as a public relations homerun for Apple.
  4. And Speaking of Creativity: We thoroughly enjoyed this spot for the Art Institutes which hit the web this week. By making creative parts of the world a blank canvas, the ad encourages aspiring artists to fill in the empty spaces around them.
  5. Sensitivity Makes a Comeback: After last weekend’s horrible events in Tucson, we think it’s time for online journalists and marketers to elevate their content and act respectful. This horrible billboard from (surprise!) Rush Limbaugh is exactly the kind of garbage marketers and writers need to wash their hands of. Sure, we’re here to sell stuff and have a laugh”¦ but we think we can all do that without adding fuel to the fire.

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