5 Things You Might Have Missed

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It is, they tell us, the most wonderful time of the year. If that is indeed true, we have no idea why you’re sitting in front of your laptop. But because we care, here, just as reliable as Santa himself, is our weekly list of five things you might have missed list!

  1. A Very Snoop Christmas: Nothing says “happy holidays” like Snoop Dogg – and Pepsi seems to know that. Pepsi Max tapped the Gin and Juice sipper to tell his version of the Christmas Story. It’s the kind of viral silliness and online branding we’ve come to expect from Pepsi over the past year and Snoop does it just right.
  2. Tito Jackson. Period.: This commercial went viral this week and after one viewing, you will surely see why. Imagine, a political ad featuring a catchy R&B song with the politician’s name sprinkled throughout! I mean, they rhyme “Tito Jackson” with “man of action!” What’s not to love?
  3. Edgy isn’t always the answer: We’ve seen lots of brands and nonprofits this year cling to subversive or controversial campaigns hoping to generate headlines. Many times, however, it comes off as phony. Take this “edgy” campaign from the American Red Cross, for example. WhyshouldIgive.org is a faux apathetic website in the vein of WhatTheFuckHasObamaDoneSoFar.com. Only problem is that with the Red Cross, the whole in-your-face thing just seems fake.
  4. Knitted Toyota Cozies: As part of its Prius Projects campaign, Toyota enlisted the help of renowned knitter and artist Magda Sayeg to knit a giant, snuggly cozy for the car. The result is super-cute, DIY goodness! It’s another creative move from a brand on the rebound.

5. You: Yes, you. You’re probably low on quality personal time and feeling a little crazy. So sneak away from the family with a mug of hot cocoa and have some “you” time. After all, we think you’re pretty awesome. Thanks for reading us all year and happy holidays!

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