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Whoa. What a week for news: Rest in peace Steve Jobs, sayonara President Palin and don’t let the door hit ya in the bunny tale, Playboy Club. And yet other things were a’happenin’ in the worlds of digital branding and social media marketing. Lucky for you we’ve combed in the Internet beach and came up with five gems to add to your knowledge collection.

1.) Van Damme it: The Muscles from Brussels continues to delight in his series of online viral commercials for Coors Light. This time Jean Claude Van Damme is buried under a ton of snow after trying to recreate Coors’ ice-cold temperature. Even though the mullet wig remains intact, JCVD is annoyed and lovers of this goofy commercial series will be delighted.
2.) Being a Hallowinner: Every year, the thought of picking the perfect Halloween costume stresses me out to the point that I just generally avoid the drama and hide with a bowl of candy until Nov. 1. This year, Target has come to my rescue with a Facebook app that allows me to select costumes and place them on Facebook so my friends can vote and help me decide. Sweet! Target delivers another holiday app home run.
3.) Mini Cooper, Maxi Tongue: This UK billboard for Mini Cooper is the kind of fun, out-of-the-box atmospheric advertising we’ve seen popping up all over the world. We hope fun campaigns like this one inspire U.S. marketers to make our roadside billboards pop.
4.) You Can Almost Hear Cartman Crying: Denver’s pink palace Mexican restaurant Casa Bonita announced its parent company was filing for chapter 11. Casa Bonita popped up on the national radar after it was featured on an episode of South Park. It’s listworthy because it marks the end of an era for a brand that made itself famous not for its food but for cliff divers and guys in monkey costumes. Plus, the writer of this list worked there as a teenager!
5.) Competitors with Class: Lastly, the Steve Jobs tributes from competitors like Google and Bill Gates round out our list for inspiring us to be the bigger person and give props to leaders in our field.

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