5 Things You Might Have Missed!

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Well, well, well. If it isn’t our old pal Friday! To celebrate its triumphant return, we’ve cooked up yet another serving of our tasty dish we like to call “5 Things You Might Have Missed.”

1.) Sure Beats Stale Doritos: In a geolocation twist on the modern vending machine, Nokia came up with the Gifting Machine. When lucky folks stumbled upon the contraption, they were encouraged to check in on Foursquare in order to win a prize. Some people got free candy (yay, free candy!) while one lucky vending visitor won a free Nokia phone. Rad, guerilla branding and location-based marketing from a phone company that may not have the bells and whistles of other kids but is proving the one to beat when it comes to clever marketing.

2.) Come on Kindle Light My Fire: So the Kindle Fire might not be as big as the iPad or able to take pictures, but the recently-announced gadget is only $199 bucks and is loaded with all the goodies Amazon devotees have come to love. Expect this to be the digital must-have of the season, assuming you don’t already have an iPad.

3.) Because Snorting Oreo Lines Would Be Weird: Here’s a clever concept from Miami Ad School that puts the black dust left behind by America’s favorite cookie to good use. Introducing the Oreo Crumb Case! This concept-only product makes the list for giving us the go-ahead to hoard our cookie crumbs and dump them in our milk. Brilliant and delicious!

4.) Your Channel Could be Next: So this list published by the Wall Street Journal of the top YouTube channels shows up on our list for being so darn inspiring. Sure, it’s filled with big guns like Vevo at No. 1, but how about do-it-yourself channels like No. 3 Machinima or Internet goofball Jenna Marbles at No. 24? Proof that viral campaign success is there for the taking for all sizes of companies.

5.) Twitter Fight in Real Life: Twittiocy, or the act of being an idiot on Twitter, was taken to the streets this week. Two sports reporters, both of whom cover the Philadelphia Eagles, started a word battle online which led to throwing punches on Wednesday. More journalism classiness from the City of Brotherly Love? You betcha. But this stupid tiff makes our list for reminding us what not to do on Twitter. Thanks, guys!

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