5 Things You Might Have Missed!

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For the best, brightest and most bizarre social media marketing, viral marketing and digital branding stories, you only need one thing: our weekly list of Five Things You Might Have Missed.

  1. American Apparel’s big, fat backfire: We knew American Apparel was sleazy, but who knew the company had no sense of humor? The company was not laughing when Nancy Upton entered the brand’s sexist plus-sized model competition with hilarious photos which mocked the entire contest. And they really weren’t laughing when Upton won the contest with a landslide of online votes. In a grouchy statement, the AA-holes said they would be giving the prize to someone else. Upton emerges from this mess an online star and American Apparel looks old and out of fashion.
  2. Winklevoss Watch 2011: Those beefy twins made famous for crying about how Mark Zuckerberg stole the Facebook idea from them are back! Los Winklevosses joined the ranks of fellow Z-listers like Snookie and Keyboard Cat when they appeared in a Get Crackin’ pistachio commercial. While the ad, which gently jabs Zuckerberg, is not funny, the existence of these social media celebrities continues to amuse.
  3. Lego’s perfect puzzle: In a series of new print ads, Lego has created word searches that use Lego pieces to make things like spaceships and tractors. The result is a series of ads that ignite the imagination just like Lego’s products.
  4. Candy Corn comeback: Let’s be honest here, nobody really loves candy corn. But the folks at Brach’s have done the impossible and made the seasonal treat seem cool, homey and essential to the season with this adorable online commercial.
  5. Speaking of comebacks: Chrysler continues to roar back; the company cemented its status as an online branding giant with the launch of the new Fiat. Sure, we’re kind of over the J-lo thing, too, but her music and presence in the campaign signal that both the car company and the singer are doing everything just right.

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