5 Things You Might Have Missed!

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After a week off filled with non-laboring and the last of summer laziness, we’re back with another fun-filled infotainment fest we like to call “5 Things You Might Have Missed!” From viral marketing madness to social media synergy, here’s a quintet of stories that you won’t want to let slip by you.

1.) Tasty Beginnings: Only Chipotle could turn an online commercial with Willie Nelson covering Coldplay and animation that shakes its finger at hormone-filled livestock into a thing of beauty. Stark, smart, cute and even touching, the spot, entitled Back to the Start, is the kind of thing Chipotle does perfectly — and another reason we can’t stop being inspired by the burrito giant.

2.) Unfortunate Cookies: Hip Aussie chain Hell Pizza grabbed our attention with its new dessert, Mis-Fortune Cookies. In true Hell style, the cookies say funny and disturbing things like “Cookies may have traces of spider eggs” and “You will see your mum in a strip club.” It’s a gimmick for sure, but it’s also one Hell of a good time.

3.) When Atari Met iPad: Here’s old school innovation that makes that dorky iPad suddenly a lot cooler — Atari has come out with a retro joystick and cradle that transforms your iPad into a portable ’80s arcade. Acid wash jeans and Big League Chew sold separately.

4.) Maybe Burning Man Has a Point After All: We never thought we’d see the day when we would ever consider Burning Man little more that an opportunity for old people to take ecstasy and wear fairy wings. But Read Write Web made us think again about the yearly festival in this smartly-written blog. Jon Mitchell contends that the social web can learn real life social skills from the desert love-fest.

5.) Who Needs Wings?: Red Bull Films has released a visually delicious online movie about parkour in Turkey. Parkour, which is the French art of flipping your body over structures like some kind of superhero, has seen a resurgence as of late and it’s a wise move from Red Bull to highlight it in such a complex and beautiful place like Turkey.

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