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It’s that time again, kids. We’ve scooped up a quintet of our favorite branding and marketing stories from the week and served them to you in a lovely dish we like to call “5 Things You Might Have Missed!”

  1. Coke Knows Your Face: This facial recognition app from Coca-Cola Israel tops our list because it’s totally cool — and yet kinda creepy. Unveiled at the Coca-Cola Village, a teen tech hangout sponsored by the brand, the app called FaceLook allows registered users to post on Facebook and update their status just by recognizing their faces. Regardless of whether you like the sci-fi aspect of the whole thing or if all you can think about is identity theft, you have to give Coke props for being one step ahead in the social media marketing game.
  2. Stop Motion and Melt With Me: The filmmakers and the press are calling Gulp the biggest stop motion animation movie in the world — but we call it, hands down, the best viral video of the year… Plus it’s a ringing endorsement for the Nokia N8 camera on which the entire film was shot.
  3. Sharks With Digital Teeth: People are already kind of crazy when it comes to the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week — but this year, thanks to apps, Twitter and all kinds of other digital swag, the television event has gone bananas. Mashable thankfully has all of your Shark Week extras packed into one article so shark freaks can gobble so much of it up that they’ll need a bigger boat.
  4. World’s Coolest Film Fest: Films on Fridges, which really and truly is a festival where films are actually shown on a mountain of refrigerators, makes the list for being eco-hip, inventive and a darn good story. The London event has garnered all kinds of press for being unique and we think one-off PR happenings like this are media gold. Plus, who doesn’t love to dig around in the fridge while watching a movie?
  5. Sing, Stupid: Finally, we love to hate Diesel’s Be Stupid campaign — and the company’s latest viral commercial solidifies our mixed emotions for the brand. Unleashed upon the unsuspecting world this week was Be Stupid the musical. It’s as horrible and as stylish as we’ve come to expect from the brand that never fails to spark conversation.

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