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So many crazy, informative, strange, stories— so little time. Thankfully we’ve hand picked a bushel of the best things happening right now in online marketing, social media and branding.

1.) Your What Talks?!?: We’ll gracefully avoid making any “douchey” jokes and let the outspoken lady parts in this series of online ads for Summer’s Eve do the talking, instead. These frank spots for feminine hygiene branded with the tagline “Hail to the V” are either groundbreaking or highly stereotypical and offensive. Either way, it’s a totally talked about and list-worthy campaign.

2.) Twittering Presidential Wannabes: When the GOP presidential hopefuls took to Twitter to debate the issues on Wednesday, there were three things that stood out: A.) Twitter as a political debate platform certainly has its limitations. B.) In order for people to care about Twitter campaigns, they need to be properly promoted, and C.) Obama and his social media marketing have this whole thing in the bag.

3.) The Big Apple Handpicked by New Yorkers: MyBlockNYC.com is an awesome new crowsourced site which allows New Yorkers to give virtual visitors a real look at the city that never sleeps. The site is a creative and social look at tourism from the people who live in New York. And it’s a trend we hope spreads to other cities.

4.) Plus or Minus: This great editorial from the thoughtful folks at good made us think about who we want to add as our Google+ friends. Google+ has had an estimated 18 million visitors so far and the way we friend — and market — on the site is bound to be a topic we continue to discuss.

5.) Rocking the Brostache: Okay, we know this is a few weeks old, but if you don’t watch Hulu as much as we do you might have missed the hilarity of Gieco’s new commercial and accompanying “brostache” smartphone app. It’s the kind of funny digital and mobile marketing folks love from Geico and far be it from us to dispute the power of a virtual moustache.

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