5 Things You Might Have Missed!

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If you’ve already been swept up by Harry Potter mania (and subsequently haven’t been near your desk in days), don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. We rustled up 5 things you might have missed from the world of digital branding and social media marketing that even the squarest Muggle could love.

1. Art, Inside Out: JR’s global participatory and TED-winning art project, Inside Out, was kicked into full gear this week when the YouTube channel devoted to the project was launched. The project, which inspires people from around the world to transform urban landscapes with their portraits, is equal parts inspiring endeavor and punk rock art.

2. Kenny Powers, MFCEO: The loveable d-bag athlete from Eastbound & Down, Kenny Powers, has returned to HBO for another season — but he’s also shown up in a series of hilarious viral videos for K-Swiss. You don’t want to miss this ridiculous online promo magic, which should sell shoes and a few DVD sets of the show’s hilarious first two seasons, as well.

3. Hooray for Spotify: The blockbuster European online music service Spotify arrived stateside this week to rescue Pandora listeners from hearing Shakira’s She Wolf for the 12 billionth time. The site is sure to be a hit and makes our list for shaking up our online radio doldrums.

4. Let the Toddler Drive: ToyToyota, the series of smartphone apps from the car company, recently released Backseat Driver ,which is sure to enchant the little ones on long road trips. The app turns your phone into Junior’s own virtual car. Toyota has wisely developed mobile marketing apps with the whole family in mind — and this one is sure to be a hit.

5. The Netflix Backlash: Okay, we’re pretty sure you couldn’t have missed this one… but just in case you did, here’s a great Click Z News blog about why the beloved brand suddenly became a target for online consumer hate. An email marketing message from the movie delivery company informed its users that the prices were going to be hiked. Now watch as all hell breaks loose.

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