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From a disappearing Clinton to a traffic jam turned into a party, our week was packed with bizarre and entertaining marketing and branding headlines. Lucky for you, we’ve found our five favorites and put them in an easy-to-read list!

1.) We’ll Stick to Sanka: David Lynch has his own line of coffee. Okay, that’s weird… but not really, considering the source. Lynch making a coffee commercial wherein he talks to a Barbie head in his hand in a Gary Busey type of voice would be weird. And that’s exactly what the once-acclaimed director does in a new spot for David Lynch Coffee. This is the week’s top story because it’s just so Lynch and it proves the guy still has it. Whatever “it” is.

2.) Tweeting with Disaster: This story about how Mexico City plans on using a social media-based alert system for earthquake warnings is noteworthy for putting the genre to good use. We think this innovation will be the first of many that speaks to the millions who use social media as a news outlet.

3.) Now You See Her: Hillary Clinton being erased out of that now famous situation room photo by certain Muslim news companies has caused a minor uproar online. While we think the cultural differences are still fascinating, this story makes our list because it reminds us when dealing with global media, it isn’t always “our way or the highway” and the decisions made aren’t always personal, either.

4.) Facebook Meets Coloring Book: Our jaws dropped and our hope for humanity slightly sank when we learned via a special report from Consumer Reports that Facebook has 5 million child users under the age of 10 currently registered. Even though the social network doesn’t allow kids under the age of 13 on the site, Facebook is now a hotbed of kids. This sobering study is one that we hope puts the conversation of social media responsibility on the front burner.

5.) Coke Does the Car Hop: In a nifty bit of promotion, Coca-Cola transformed Bogata, Columbia’s major traffic jam intersection into a 1950’s style drive-in theater, complete with snazzy uniformed car hops delivering bottle of Coke and snacks to commuters.

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