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It’s Friday and time once again for our weekly list of Five Things You Might Have Missed!

  1. Give Mom the Gift of Twitter: Skip the Kindle or that new bottle of perfume. According to the fine folks at Twitter, what mom really needs is a Twitter tutorial this Mother’s Day. While we’re not sure how many mamas would love this gift idea, this very convincing video makes the list for being the quintessential social media Mother’s Day promotion.
  2. Cooler than a Blizzard: Is it just us, or did Dairy Queen become a quirky, hip brand overnight? The old-timey side of this country road soft serve palace has reinvented its image thanks in part to a series of entertainingly strange Internet videos. In addition to reminding us how much we love a Peanut Buster Parfait, the ads are silly, watchable fun.
  3. Charles Shultz is Spinning in His Grave: But we’re snickering at Peanutweeter, the new blog that marries real life tweets with drawings from classic Peanut cartoons. This makes our list not just because we love both Snoopy and Twitter, but because we’re kind of jealous we didn’t think of it first.
  4. Raising Money for Moms: To Mama with Love is an innovative and smart global digital art project just in time for the holiday. We love the trend of using social media and art to raise funds for a good cause, and that’s exactly what this site does. By making e-cards and sharing stories about mom, users also have the chance to raise money for mothers around the world.
  5. What the Schweppes?!: This European commercial for Schweppes features super glamorous Uma Thurman vamping it up for the beverage company. Yet this weird and tragically unfunny ad makes the list just for being so “WTF”. Apparently, web viewers feel the same way as the spot has more than 100,000 hits.

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