5 Things You Might Have Missed!

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From social media tips to snacking on chips, we’ve cooked up another list of five things you might have missed!

1.) Learning Social Media Tricks From The Big Guys: This article from Inc. looks to the biggest brands currently rocking social media. While they all have never-ending advertising budgets, many of them — from Nike to Jet Blue —have smart ideas any business can adapt.

2.) Eye Catching for a Reason: We love the art installation-meets-technology trend in atmospheric advertising, but these clever tricks are all the more powerful when it’s for a good cause. This exhibit at the Intrepid Museum in New York caught our eye for drawing attention to World Autism Day with a little girl who won’t make eye contact, which could be a sign of autism. The interactive and informative display signals a much-needed change in educational campaigns.

3.) Is Social Media the New Rock and Roll? This infographic via Soshable.com was everywhere this week but still you might have missed it because you’re on infographic overload (happens to the best of us). Nevertheless, it makes our list because the effect of social media on young people is either a hot button issue or the same old boring thing we’ve been saying about new stuff that the kids love since the age of Elvis Presley.

4.) Goodbye to the Empire Carpet Guy: Lynn Hauldren passed away this week. You know, the guy from the Empire Carpet ads? Hauldren may not be a household name, but he made the company’s tagline and jingle (which he also wrote) truly iconic pieces of American marketing and advertising. The Consumerist has some of Hauldren’s best spots right here.

5.) Frito-Lay Crunches Its Way to the Top: The battle for Facebook likes in the Guinness Book of World Records has been pretty silly over the last few months. Nevertheless, chipmaker Frito-Lay made a legitimate record for the most likes within a 24-hour period, confirming what we’ve suspected all along: Facebookers like to eat chips in their underwear and like things.

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