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No fooling around here! We’ve come up with a list of the most Muppetlicious, snake-tastic and cheesiest social media, online marketing and brand engagement stories to be found on the web.

  1. Mac & Tweets: You might have missed this one if you aren’t a regular watcher of TBS’ late night lineup of Conan and The George Lopez Show (so, that covers most people) — but thanks to the Internet, Kraft’s clever Twitter-based campaign will live forever. Kraft used real tweets about Macaroni & Cheese as the basis for ten quickly-produced television commercials. Funny, smart and interactive, the campaign represents the best in social media and television coupling.
  2. Tech With a Purpose: Sony’s Open Planet Ideas is a campaign that called upon ideas about how the company could use its technology to make the world a little bit better and greener. Sony devoted a website to the campaign to chart the progress, profile the entries and host a blog. The winning concept was Greenbook, an online app and magazine devoted to helping empower people to save the planet.
  3. Cobra on the Loose: The Bronx Zoo became a household name when one if its residents decided to up and leave. We’re talking about the poisonous Egyptian cobra that escaped earlier this week and caused an Internet fury. With his own Twitter account, some cheesy merchandise and a whole lot of press coverage, the cobra makes our list just for being an old-fashioned goofy news story covered in a way that’s very 2011.
  4. Learning From Famous Failures: This list of folks who tried, failed and tried again is staying on our desktop as a reminder that even rejected types still have the potential to turn into Indiana Jones.
  5. Muppets. Period.: Well, if you missed the hit Muppet viral videos that have garnered 60 million YouTube hits, then don’t worry. You’ll get a chance to get in on all the Muppet action when Kermit and the crew hit theaters this November. Directed by Jason Segel with a Flight of the Concords soundtrack, the movie promises to put the brand back on top. Segel and costar of the film Amy Adams unveiled footage from the film this week at CinemaCon to the delight of Muppet nerds and parent company Disney, who has smartly revitalized the Muppets using viral video and social media.

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