5 Things You Might Have Missed

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From flying chipmunks to feisty cats, this week’s list of five things you might have missed is a regular menagerie! Enjoy — but don’t feed the animals.

1.) Hipmunk Soars: Without a doubt, Hipmunk was the most-talked-about site at SXSWi, but somehow got lost in the post-festival shuffle. This cute little chipmunk mascot and the travel search site he represents makes tops our list not just for being a great product with fantastic marketing but because Hipmunk is an amazing business model. Hipmunk founders and former Reddit owners put the emphasis on a simple and reliable system and on their users rather than showy CEO personalities and flashy tech innovations. In the Zuckerberg/Jobs era, Hipmunk is downright revolutionary.

2.) Beauty, Pores and All: Talk about revolutionary: Makeup Forever’s latest campaign is turning the cosmetic industry on its flawlessly Photoshopped head. The company has said no to the industry standard of retouched photographs of its models in favor of natural shots. Will this rebellious take on beauty sell a billion blushes? Who knows… but it’s already made headlines and created a PR flurry.

3.) The Cat’s Meow: This great blog at Social Media Penguin looks at the dominance of felines in social media. From Icanhazchezzburger to the new smash viral hit by Cravendale, kitties get posted billions of times on Facebook walls and tweeted about all day long. Marketers know that if they’re desperate for hits, stick a cat in it.

4.) The Truth In Lying: This series of Comviq ads via Creativity-Online hilariously depicts the little white lies we tell our friends while using the phone. Funny and truthful, lying has never been so smartly executed.

5.) Take Me Down to Social Media City: Men’s Health made the blogs this week as it came out with a list of the country’s top social media towns. The list makes our list because it is inspiring to see towns like Salt Lake, Denver and Atlanta embracing the social media and social media marketing. It’s further proof that social media isn’t just for the big city folk anymore.

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