5 Things You Might Have Missed

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From crustacean treats and social somoas to hungry babies and salad-nibbling sitcom stars, we’re serving up a spicy dish of five things you might have missed.

  1. McLobster: For the last two weeks, the magical McLobster Roll has been buzzed about online and tweeted about by foodies and McManiacs alike. Like some mythical beast, the McLobster stirred up a flurry of speculation about whether the sandwich actually existed. Bottom line: It does, and it’s served in New England and parts of Canada. Before they knew it, McDonalds officials were dispelling rumors that the sandwich was going to go global. The company wisely turned the McGossip into a goldmine of PR and well-timed tweets. This Sheen-centric Tweet was our favorite: Despite all the rumors there r no plans 2 bring #mclobster or mcsushi 2 the US menu. We r working on a new menu item called McWinning.
  2. Silicon Valley Girl Scouts Rule: Cookie-selling munchkins from the nation’s tech capital brought home big bucks using Facebook and a father’s well-connected circle. The results? These Girl Scouts sold more than $400 worth of cookies in one hour.
  3. Everything is Better with Bateman: Jason Bateman has long been a bright spot in several not-so-terrific films and television shows, so it comes as no surprise that the recent ads featuring the actor are truly enjoyable. Witness this Denny’s viral ad that would have been unbearable in the hands of a less charming personality.
  4. Your Very Own Magazine: Building on the beloved popularity of iPad media platform Flipboard, Zite is a website collector that gathers content it thinks you would like to read and then sticks them in one handy little place. Zite is an app that uses Google and Twitter to nail exactly what you want to read on your about and is to be shipped on the iPad 2.
  5. The First Yum: This Facebook based photo contest from Whole Foods makes our list simply for being “awwww” -inspiring. The too-cute-for-words contest, which ends on March 16, asks Whole Foods Shoppers to post pictures of their kiddos enjoying healthy (and pricey) treats or visiting the grocery store. It’s a brand evolution for a store that was once considered a hangout for wealthy health-conscious singletons and DINKs.

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