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Happy Friday! We’re back with another list of weird, wonderful and wise findings from the Internet that you might have missed.

1.) Motorola Schools the iPhone: Well, it was only a matter of time before one of iPhone’s competitors decided to swing below the belt. Motorola gets a prize for being the first (but surely not the last) to kick Apple when it’s down. Motorola launched a “No Jacket Required” ad that references the free iPhone jackets Apple is giving out to help solve its antenna problems. Aside from the impeccable timing, what makes the ad list-worthy is its great copy: The ad cleverly reminds buyers that Motorola kind of invented this whole cell phone thing in the first place.

2.) The Debut of Kelly Canter: “The debut of whom?!” you ask. Kelly Canter is Gwyneth Paltrow’s character in a new film entitled Country Strong. A new country single with the same name as the film hit the airwaves this week. Promoters of the movie sent the single to country radio under Paltrow’s character’s name. Further news of the song was spread through the Kelly Canter Facebook page. The PR ploy worked and news as well as reviews of Paltrow’s song became a national topic in a matter of hours.

3.) Journalism on Facebook: AllFacebook.com ran a blog on 10 pages journalists should follow via Facebook. Sure, CBS and WSJ are here, but it’s cool that AllFacebook mentions Facebook’s own Media and PR pages, which can be great tools for journalists and marketers.

4.) New Tweeps to Follow: The esteemed Mayo Clinic, captain of the Enterprise William Shatner and the guy who killed hip hop as well as his own career (Kayne West) all joined Twitter this week, proving once again that the little bird is always entertaining. Plus each of these random new Tweeters is using the site to plug new products, conduct new studies or change public perception about their brand. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one is doing what.

5.) Online Inception Spoofs: When a movie like Inception – so dour yet so popular – has no sense of humor about itself, the Internet usually steps in to send it up properly. PopEater gathered the best of the best, but personally I’m a fan of the sweater within a sweater at Buzzfeed called Insweaption.

But that’s enough out of us. Tell us five things that rocked your world this week in the comments section below!

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