5 Things for June 28: Skittles Gets Interactive, Zimmer Gets Crazy and America Gets Married

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If it’s Friday, it must mean that it’s time for our weekly collection of online marketing news, social media wonders, branding blunders and awesome online video creation!

1.) Brands Salute Equality: Given the Supreme Court’s historic decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, it was only a matter of time until brands showed their support — in fact, most of them did so in a matter of hours. Google, Facebook and Apple each released social media and video campaigns in support of the ruling. 

2.) Chuck, Meet Hack: To celebrate the release of its new Google+ page, Converse invited ad agencies from around the globe to come up with viral video campaigns for a “creative hack” contest. The results are incredibly creative, fun to watch and inspiring. 

3.) I Guarantee it: In lieu of the Paula Deen debacle, you might have missed another big branding meltdown happening over at Men’s Warehouse. Not only was commercial spokesperson and executive chairman George Zimmer fired, he resigned from the board and then rattled off a series of juicy and angry letters. Zimmer’s zingers are already being heavily quoted on Twitter and, although fired, we don’t think we’ve seen the last of him yet.

4.) What the !@#$: Since Kmart’s “Ship My Pants” ads, 12-year-old boy humor has taken over online videos. And we admit, we like it. Like this one from cleaning product CLR which uses cleverly-placed bleeps where obscenities should be. 

5.) Skittle Smash: Rounding out our list is an excellent time killing video from Skittles. The spot features Tommy, a kid who smashes his grandmother’s unicorn figurine to find it filled with Skittles. But don’t worry. We get to smash, too. By clicking on other figurines in the video, viewers help Tommy smash more stuff — and crave more Skittles.

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