5 Things for June 21: Facebook Drama, Pinterest Hilarity and Scary Restroom Pranks

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Our new and improved 5 Things list has all of the news stories from the world of content marketing that you might have missed (without any of the filler). Fabulous!

1.) Video Wars: Just as we were trying to tolerate the annoying videos on Vine, Instagram comes along and announces it, too, will allow users to post nonsensical short videos. The difference? Instagram’s videos will run at 15 seconds as opposed to Vine’s 6 seconds. Vine, a spinoff from the makers of Twitter, looked to have the corner on the short video market until this week. Aside from being competition for Vine, the Instagram video platform could also become home for the long-rumored home of Facebook’s video advertising.

2.) Men’s Room Nightmare: Here’s a surprising anti-drunk driving viral video campaign from the UK you won’t soon forget. Without giving the shock away, we’ll just say we’re sure the suspects won’t ever go to the restroom alone again.

3.) Meet Quinoa: My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter is the funniest Pinterest board ever — and one filled with tons of great content marketing lessons. Luckily, Ann Handley chatted with Tiffany, the copywriter behind the hilarious phenomenon, for some eye-opening revelations on becoming a Pinterest marketing rock star.

4.) Did I Do That?: If you can find a weirder Tweet beef than the one between Jaleel White (famous for playing Urkel on vintage sitcom Family Matters) vs. USA Today sports writer Mike Garafolo, then congratulations. Personally, though, this one takes my cake for randomness in Twitter battles. The insults flew fast and furious and in the end, Urkel might have been the winner. Nevertheless, none of the brands came out too classy as a result of the tussle.

5.) Driving Change: Finally, we close out our list with an inspiring video from MindDrive, an afterschool program that teaches at-risk kids about math and science by repairing cars. Now, a one-of-a-kind social media campaign will help drive the kids from Kansas City to Washington D.C. by using the power of Tweets and Facebook posts to get there. It’s an incredible example of how social media can be used for good.



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