5 Fabulous Blogs You Might Have Missed!

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Stuck in a slump with your blog creation? Need some ideas before you embark on a blog marketing bonanza? Well, this blogtacular edition of our 5 Things You Might Have Missed is sure to inspire and entertain!

1.) Front & Main by West Elm: This blog is a great read. It’s filled with decorating and furniture ideas, proving your branded blog can sell your wares without being boring. Note the magazine-style look of Front & Main and the snappy copy, and then go infuse your own blog with the same effortless combo of style and information.

2.) Richard Branson’s Blog: Virgin’s rowdy and opinionated CEO blogs about company goings-on as well as his thoughts on hot global news stories. Branson is in love with social media and we love how his blog serves as a hub for keeping up with the busy billionaire online. Borrow some of Branson’s brashness to make your business blog stand out for having a personality.

3.) Standard Culture: Splashy and in your face, this blog looks more like an ad campaign for Italian jeans than a blog for a hotel chain. But since the hotel chain in question is The Standard, this blog fits its hipster-friendly brand like a glove. Standard Culture is a great reminder to make sure our blogs truly reflect our brand’s image.

4.) Lidia’s Italy Blog: Everybody’s surrogate Italian mama and one of NYC’s most prolific restaurateurs, Lidia Bastianich doesn’t overly update her blog. Some might argue that this is a problem (we tend to agree; of course, we update blogs for a living). But what is noteworthy about Bastianich’s blog and website in general is that the tone is informational and warm, just like the cooking goddess herself. Take away from this blog an aspiration to present the informational parts of your company in a more engaging way.

5.) Marc by Marc Jacobs: Minimal and sparse, you could call fashion guru Marc Jacobs’ blog pretentious… and you wouldn’t be wrong. But what’s great about it is the sleek and striking format that lets Jacobs and his brand messaging really shine. A teaspoon of Marc Jacobs’ minimalist style infused into our blogs would go a long way to inspire us to keep our blogs clean and easy to use.

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