5 Brands With Digital Chutzpah

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It is always intriguing in this new age of marketing who “gets it” and who doesn’t it.

There are brands that you are sure would utilize the latest and greatest in social media marketing, blogging, online PR, intelligent brand marketing but they seem to miss the boat entirely. And there are those who smartly play the whole game and are willing to change along with latest techniques while still remaining uniquely themselves.  So I would like to salute five spunky, independent brands who play the digital game like true super stars.

1. Method– This little company from San Francisco was thrust into the spotlight when Target had their big hipster makeover about 5 years ago. They have been cleverly establishing themselves as the grooviest, best smelling brand of cleaning and body products on the market.  While they still appear in big chain stores, Method has a giant online store that loyalists to the brand can flock to for all of their cleanliness desires. Likewise with the brand’s well managed and updated Facebook page. On the page there’s cheeky little polls and funny videos all written in Method’s signature style of sass and class meets eco-friendly chic.

2. Kill Rock Stars RecordsThis Olympia, Washington record label known for launching the careers of Kathleen Hannah and Sleeter Kinney,to name a few, back in the 1990’s is still kicking today. Employing video blogs, cut to the chase direct ordering, and cool merchandise, help KRS stay current in the very floundering music biz. The record slinger also has a busy Twitter page and a Facebook page with direct artist links. Hanging on to their indie identity is crucial for a brand like KRS so it is cool to see their site littered with anti-war and pro-arts messages and links.

3. SnikiddyCrunchy all natural cheese puffs and tasty faux-fries are Snikiddy’s claim to fame but their marketing is no slouch either. Sold at healthy markets like Whole Foods, Snikiddy has a grass roots approach to marketing that is genuine and fun. The website has links for kids and Snikiddy is also active in the social media world. But the big kicker is the frequent online promotions and easy links to where to buy the products that health crazed moms will enjoy. The overall feel of the branding is fun and good times which is totally right on target for snacks regardless if they are healthy or not.

4. Brave New Films– Whether you agree with the controversial and thought provoking films produced by this rough and tumble LA based non-profit, one thing is for certain – they know how to grab your attention. For a company that makes headlines and dollars for producing talked about documentaries, they hit all the right marks. Social media done in a rebellious way? Check. Micheal Moore appearance? Check. Smartly written blog that also ends up in news-feeds? Check. Bravo, Brave New Films. And viva la revolution.

5.) Etsy– The last thing this uber popular marketplace for all things fabulously handmade needs is a plug from yours truly but they deserve one. Etsy’s community feature entices buyers and artists alike to engage in “don’t ya love it?” types of conversations that lead to instant and sometimes unknowing purchases.  The blog is well written and speaks the Etsy language that regulars know and love while alerting them to the latest happenings on the site. Mainly, Etsy is a site everybody knows about plus they do zero traditional advertising and that alone makes them list worthy.

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