5 Blogs You Might Have Missed

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5 Blogs You Might Have Missed
2010, thanks for the memories. We’ll miss you- or not. But we certainly will remember you. It’s been a memorable year here at the Brandsplat blog too. With iPhones that barely worked, PR fails that didn’t work at all, and Twitter marketing campaigns that worked overtime, we always had something to talk about. So with a twist on our weekly list, here’s five Brandsplat blogs from 2010 that you might have missed.

1.) The Arts and Social Media Romance: This makes our list not because it was one of our most retweeted blogs (which it was) but because of the inspiring ways arts and culture organizations are using social media. After researching this piece, we had fun following theater companies and museums around the company on sites like Facebook and Twitter to see how they were using the platforms to bring in new art lovers.

2.) Increasing Our Good Online Marketing Karma: We wrote this blog to remind ourselves to play nicer in the digital sandbox and to return to good behavior that would make our second grade teachers proud. It makes the list because we’re still not perfect so we need it as a reminder.

3.)The Survival of Magazines, Set to a Disco Beat: This blog is list-worthy just because it’s the only one we wrote in 2010 that had it’s own soundtrack. While we are not entirely sure what the future of magazines is we do know that classic disco will always survive.

4.) 5 Brands with Digital Chutzpah: This blog makes the list because we we’re happy to applaud smaller cooler brands for their amazing online presence. Plus each of the five brands employs cool techniques any business can use.

5.) All About the Haul, Y’all: This blog makes our list only because when we wrote it back in March we were convinced that haul videos on YouTube were on their way out and a flash in the pan. We were wrong. Haul, it appears is here to stay. Forever 21, JC Penny, and American Eagle each launched haul-tinged campaigns over the fall. And there are two haul video-style television shows currently in production.

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