4 Reasons No One Likes Your Video

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An online video creation is a carefully-crafted stew that has to have all of the ingredients to make it a delicious success. On this here blog, we frequently talk about why we love a certain viral hit and what we can take away from it. But what about your video? You know, the one which was supposed to go viral, grab viewers/customers and put your brand on the map? Why didn’t it ever take off?

We’re glad you asked. Here are four reasons no one likes your video:

1.) Your Video Doesn’t Load — Sounds obvious, but it’s true. Videos that take too long to load or that just don’t work are the No. 1 reason folks tune out. There is a teensy weensy window in which we have to connect to viewers, so if our tech is junk, nobody will watch.

2.) Your Video is Too Damn Long — One minute and thirty seconds is said to be the magic length for viral videos, and we agree. In fact, go shorter if you can. Why? Because coming up with quick ways to get your brand’s message across shows both style and smarts.

3.) Your Video Makes No Sense — Abstract, absurd and bizarre are good things in the world of viral video. But rambling, non-sensical, poorly-edited hot video messes are another altogether. No one wants to sit through a shakey-filmed version of your company’s last get together, so don’t even bother uploading it.

4.) Your Video Hasn’t Even Been Seen — We say this all the time but it bears repeating: What good is having great content if you do not promote it? It isn’t enough to have an expensive, well-made, clever video. The real work begins after the video is finished. Social media pages, your company blog (which we assume you have but if you don’t, we can help) and your website should all work overtime pushing your video genius.

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