4 Hot Blog Trends for Fall

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It’s that time of the year where new meets old. Old leaves turn new colors. Old products get new makeovers. Old seasonal recipes have new revivals. Old Halloween costumes become new again on young trick-or-treaters. And everybody is looking to infuse the same-old, same-old with new trends. It’s no different in blogging for business. Nobody wants an out-of-touch blog that looks more like a history book than a news-maker. In the spirit of embracing newness, we’ve come up with a list of easy-to-implement hot blogging trends.

Tell it: Almost daily, we try to hammer home the point that a corporate blog should be more than a clever commercial. Blogging is a great way to share stories about your company and brand. Heineken is one brand that gets how important this is. Storytelling and sharing stories with followers is the whole idea behind the beer-maker’s The Heineken Story blog campaign. This interactive short film series tells the history of the company and beer in general. Not everybody can employ pricey filmmaking techniques, but everybody can use blogs to let consumers get to know their company’s story.

Illustrate it: Enough with the stock images and stagnant news photos! This year’s big blogging trend has been illustration. Elle magazine has tapped into this trend and regularly features fashion illustration. But why stop there? Art masterpieces, architectural drawings, blueprints and comedic diagrams can all be easily obtained (some even for free with no copyright drama) and add a certain sophistication and character to an ordinary blog.

Click it: Emerging info from marketing research firms confirms that when it comes to blog sharing on social media, personal photos are a big hit. Photos get shared and reacted to on Facebook more than anything else, so why not use this trend to your company’s advantage? Pictures from parties and events, photos of new products and snapshots of your staff members make for great sharable blog posts.

End it: Brands like Audi have recently have said “sayonara, sweetheart!” to time-specific blog campaigns, and we love this trend. Not all types of blogs are meant to last forever, and we think it’s wise for companies to take this time of year to clear out campaigns that have run their course. This way, brands are now free to focus blogging efforts on fresh directions for the approaching new year.

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