4 Great Viral Videos for the 4th

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Happy 4th of July! This holiday, we celebrate independence from bad online video creation and crappy video content marketing. No brand should have to put up with a lame video. After all, how do you think our founding fathers would feel if they knew the freedoms they fought for were being wasted on a horrible viral marketing campaign? So in the spirit of freedom and creativity, we’ve rounded up a foursome of fantastic videos to inspire you to make some viral fireworks of your own.

Google Chrome: The most genius thing about this series of ads for Google Chrome? The length! These ultra short and very clever videos feature “Chrome: For Your Cat,” “Chrome: For Finding Directions” and “Chrome: For Your Pizzeria,” among others. This incredibly popular series proves that concise and entertaining videos can also be viral smash hits.

Cumberland Farms: In the world of viral commercials, sometimes nothing beats the WTF factor. And this music video featuring David Hasselhoff singing about iced coffee for a chain of convenience stores has that in spades. While the Hoff’s vocal stylings might not be your cup of tea, you certainly won’t forget the spot anytime soon. 

Dove: Other times, a softer, less ridiculous touch is needed, and no company does that kind of thing better than Dove. “Camera Shy” is the latest video from the company’s campaign to bring issues of women’s self-esteem and beauty to the forefront. With a fun song and great camera work, the viewer has a good time while getting a deeper message.

Virgin Atlantic: Videos that show real-life branded installations or pranks are incredibly popular on YouTube, and this one for Virgin Atlantic airlines is no exception. Virgin transformed a New York park bench into a luxury experience like you’d find on-board Virgin’s planes. New Yorkers who sat on the bench were treated to fancy meals, champagne and service by flight attendants.

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