3 Summer Social Media Marketing Don’ts

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It’s recently come to our attention that many think summertime is the time of year to slack off on our social media marketing and putter away the brilliant online branding we’ve worked so tirelessly to build when the temperatures were much cooler. In two words: Um, no. So we thought we’d publish our list of summer social media don’ts as a seasonal reminder of what not to do on Facebook, Twitter and the rest.

1.) Don’t Panic — So sales are slow and all of your clients are out of town and nobody is responding to your clever status updates. So what? It’s no reason to launch into promotional overdrive by flooding social media with infomercials dripping with desperation. Instead, just keep up the good work… and remember, social media is only as effective as the messages we send out. So stop sending out “the sky is falling” messages and you might just be pleasantly surprised.

2.) Don’t Go There — There’s plenty of unsavory topics to sink your teeth into these days. From overdosing stars to money-grubbing moguls, it’s hard to resist flinging Internet mud on Twitter and Facebook. But that kind of thing is best relegated to boozy dinner parties in private, not on company social media accounts. With our social media accounts, we want to keep our noses clean and out of other people’s business.

3.) Don’t Fall Out of Touch — Everybody needs a vacation, obviously. But to fall off the social media map is a big mistake. Recent studies have found that brands who get dropped on social media are usually the ones who fail to keep their content fresh. This isn’t to say you should spend your days in the sun Twittering instead of relaxing. There’s definitely a middle ground. If you can’t update while you’re away, turn it over to your most trusted, workaholic employee.

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