3 Sizzling Simple Twitter Campaigns for Summer

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Whether you’re in retail, real estate, movies or makeup, summer is a decidedly slower time for Twitter-for-business campaigns. When the biggest thing to tweet about is Kim and Kanye’s baby’s name, we’re officially in a slump. Add to it that this is a summer without big television events like the Olympics and it feels like a scramble to find stuff to tweet about. But don’t worry. Grab yourself a lemonade and feel free to borrow some of our summer Twitter campaign ideas. 

Summer, with all of its vacations and events, is a prime time to take pictures. So why not turn our collective obsession for snapping shots into a photo contest for your Twitter followers? Come up with a theme and hashtag (like #BestBeachPhotos) and some sort of prize for the best photos and watch the shutterbugs fly in. Repost your favorites for even more traction.

But let’s say your Twitter followers are more of the stay in town and in front of the tube types. That’s OK. There’s still stuff to tweet about. From So You Think You Can Dance and major league baseball to The Bachelorette and the U.S. Open, there is no shortage of things to watch and talk about on Twitter. As long as chatting about pop culture and sports makes sense for your brand, we say go for it!

For non-profits, getting folks to show up to fundraisers in the summer can be a challenge, but using Twitter to raise awareness for your worthy cause is incredibly easy, even when the temperatures have pushed folks to the beach. Tweet videos of your organization, create hashtags that define your mission statement (like #EndChildHunger) and use the season to put your nonprofit on the minds of generous folks everywhere. 

Twitter for business doesn’t take a holiday, so why not use summer’s relaxed vibe to reach out to folks who suddenly find themselves with more free time? Quality, not quantity, is what counts.

Okay readers, now you play the role of advisor. What Twitter campaigns this summer are rocking your world? Tell us in the comments section below!



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