3 Company Blogs to Learn From

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If you’re blogging for business, you know one thing to be true: It’s not always easy to stay inspired. And if you’re just beginning the blog content management circus, the whole affair may seem daunting. So we’ve rustled up some company blogs to learn from and to help keep us turning out fresh, yummy content.

The blog: Andi Cooks from Betty Crocker

The lesson: Know your audience. Andi Cooks is one of several blogs featured at BettyCrocker.com. Yet more so than the others on the site, Andi has a real grasp on who Betty Crocker’s customers are (and who they’re not). Absent from her blog are highly difficult and labor-intensive recipes. Andi, an editor at Betty Crocker, fills her blog with easy but mouth-watering recipes and ideas that Betty’s fans eat up.

The blog: Ford Models

The lesson: Blog like your contemporaries. Obviously when you go to Ford Modeling Agency’s blog you expect to see models — and you do right away. But in a wise move to stay relevant to the lovers of fashion blogs, Ford has loaded their site with magazine-like content from shopping to videos as well as information about the company, like how to become a model. The look is stylish and the content fits like a glove, proving if other bloggers in your industry have found a formula that works, don’t be afraid to use it.

The blog: The PayPal Blog

The lesson: It’s okay to be specific. I can hear you now, “A blog from the folks at PayPal? How boring!” And it kind of is. The PayPal blog talks in-depth about a bunch of stuff that a lot of folks don’t understand or care about — and that is totally okay. Not everybody is meant to have his or her worlds rocked by a blog. Some blogs (like this one, ahem) simply exist to provide industry-specific information and views as they relate to the current business climate and relevant news stories. PayPal does that beautifully. And if you’re writing a blog that needs more information than entertainment, it’s an excellent place to start.

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